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is that really your bike Chuck?

now my question.....if I'm standing on the 6, in front of your bike (I presume it's your bike again now.... ), how would I be seeing the lake, the post, the water thingy, the spigot, the nekid girls dancing an flailing them selves with laural boughs...the....wha?
ohhhhhhhh you mean stand on the 9.....and then you look out over the lake....i get it....
day-um Chuck this is all so cornfuzing.........and the meds are rapidly wearing off man.....
ya see them six's and nine's all look the same when they are tattoo'd on the back of my skull, at least I thinkthey are a tatoo....been there since I can remember.... but in order to see them I have to look in my mirror, and precariously peer into the mirror of the bike parked behind mine.....and then the 666 turns to 999....or sumpin' like that.....
nice bike Chuck.....

good job man, and yes, I'm sure we could manage to get in lot's of trouble if alowed to mingle in public on bikes....
do you have a bike Chuck? What kind? Mine is silver kinda,
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