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Day 4 Baie Comeau to Labrador CIty

The weather forecast was promising as we saddled up for the ride north and the start of the Labrador Highway. Wandering out of town we found the sign we were looking for.

This is what it looks like at the start of the highway at 0600

Since we had a picture of Manic 1 yesterday we stopped to tag Manic 2

When we tried to get Manic 3 we found a locked gate so here is the sign at the intersection with the main road

The road passes lots of lakes like this

Lots of construction areas along the way

Obligatory latitude sign

A view of the road before it turned to dirt

Eventually it began to look like rain so we pulled out the rain gear. It started to get heavy and we spent a lot of time getting out of the way of cars who wanted to go faster than we did. Speed limit is 90kph. We were going about 110 and were the slowest folks on the road. We were so worried about being overtaken safely that we missed the turn for gas and breakfast. We got to Manic 5 and asked where to get gas. We overshot it by 4km. Manic 5

After Manic 5 the road is primarily dirt (with a few short interludes)) all the way to Fermont.

The conditions in the dirt, even with the rain,were such that we could do 50+mph with no worries.
Stopped and bought gas again at Relais Gabriel, which is the last service stop till Fermont - thatís about 180 miles.

More dirt road.

Bridge over one of the many rivers along the way. Note that one must stay on either the right of left track. There is no riding the center line.

The money shot. Tried to get back on the bike after the previous 2 pix and just went right over. Shut the bike down and took the pic before we picked it up.

Gagnon is a town along the way but it no longer exists. It is obvious that something was there. Unlike Centralia, the mining company picked up and moved out when the mine closed and they took everything with them but the pavement.

The road is paved for a good while from here.

Bikes at a rest stop on the side of the road. Gotta love the dirt.

Just after this stop the road crosses a railroad track and turns back to dirt with LOTS of loose gravel. The road and tracks run parallel to one another and cross one another many times (lost count).

A picture of an engine and rolling stock a friend asked me to get.

The road in the background. It is very dusty and when the big trucks go by (in either Direction) your world is reduced to the inside of your helmet - there is nothing on the other side of the face shield. The road and tracks together just before itís back to pavement. Note the mine on the right and whatís left after strip mining on the left.

Finally the Labrador half of Newfoundland Labrador.

A long tough day. Tomorrow east across Labrador
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