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Iowa to Grand Canyon....and back.....the low tech way

Since Ive owned a motorcycle Ive dreamt of seeing the Grand Canyon on a motorcycle trip.

This year it happens. Why this year? Cause I finally said fuck or never, Im done waiting for the right time.....the extra money....etc....get out the credit card, take a week off and lets go.

Ive got no fancy adventure bike with Touratech gear......Ive got my large party barge of a touring mostly pavement it is.

I have no whiz bang camping gear that will compress to fit inside a KTM fanny pack.....Ive got left over shit from WalMart that I likely bought years ago for my kids to "camp" in the back yard in.

My plan......toss all this crap in my el cheapo Harbor Freight trailer....hook it to the Vision and head to the Grand F'ing Canyon.

Ive got 9 days....but I want to do it in as few days as I can and still have fun.....cause I do have other obligations that COULD use my time....but if it takes 9 then it takes 9.....but Im hoping for 6ish.

I made no plans for where to be on certain days or how long Im going to ride.....just that I want to see "in order of importance".

Grand Canyon
Pikes Peak
Manitou Cliff Dwellings
Skyline Drive in Canon City, CO
Royal Gorge
4 corners

So I get the time off work.....6 weeks till go time.

In that 6 weeks I took some weekend trips to try out my "fancy" camp gear and such. Just basically ride a hard day out and see something, camp that night and come home. Worked illusions of great, but a solid decent. Also discovered my bike needed brakes and tires but again, 6 weeks, plenty of time to sort it out.

new tire fitted (and brakes)

So gear is prepped (ie tied in trash bags.....err, I mean high tech compression sacks)......bikes been gone over (tires, brakes, oil change etc)....and my $250 Harbor Freight trailer is loaded and ready to go....and hopefully come back.

.....and to top it off the week before we leave my co-rider (my girlfriend) has twisted the sheet out of her knee; is in a brace, dopped up and walking with a cane.....sweet.....thats gotta help, right.
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