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Re: Magura Kit

Originally posted by Cat0020
I have a Magura hydraulic clutch kit in the garage, but still have yet to really stare at the bike to figure out how the thing goes onto the bike. I think the biggest challenge should be routing the sealed clutch lever or the moving cylinder underneath the fairing.
If I get sometime to myself instead of entertaining my family, I could probably get it working before New Year.
Just pop off the tank, Cat. First remove the seat (one 8mm bolt secures it from below), then the two 8mm fasteners on each side that secure the fairing to the tank, then the two fuel lines (make sure both taps are closed first). The tank will come right off with a tug towards the rear and obviously this is best done when it's empty.

BTW, you'll be surprised at how tiny the thing looks with that giant tank removed!

Anyway, looking forward to hearing about your install.

You guys have a Merry Christmas, we're all loaded up for a little holiday vacation...

:): Arch
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