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We're down to 4 days 'til departure for a week in Colorado and counting. I haven't checked with B-Rad recently, but I'm certain he could spit out how much longer down to minutes, both his departure from Arkansas Thursday to our group departure from Lubbock Saturday morning. Britt is like a kid before Xmas...he said so himself. The only difference is he's a big ol' kid with credit cards...a dangerous combination! We had a 2 week trip planned last Memorial Day, but unforeseen circumstances kept it from happening. I wound up doing 10 days in Colorado on a solo camping trip. Here's a link to the ride report:

This is an excerpt from post 22 of the ride report:

We're still gonna' do the BIG trip...probably next Memorial Day. We'll do an abbreviated version in September, thanks to my sweet daughter-in-law's unselfishness! To find balance between PinIt2WadIt Adventure Dude and Married Man, Brad also had a romantic getaway to Cancun planned with his wife in late September. She saw firsthand how disappointed he was when he had to cancel our spring trip for the emergency surgery. She gave up her Cancun vacation so he can run and play with me and BBB (Big Bad Britt) in September. You're so sweet, k8E!!! We'll find a way to make it up to you!

BBB is whole nuther story. He's the one that taught B-Rad how to race dirt bikes. He had to stop enduro racing because of back problems and slowly went from a top notch weekend enduro racer to Harley dude over the last 20 years, with an impressive stable of bikes in the in between. He went with us on his Harley to the Smokey Mountains last year and had to miss out on Parson's Branch because he was on his 800 pound potato bike. When he heard of our plans for Spring 2010, including Point Sublime on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, the White Rim Trail near Moab and the high dirt passes around Lake City and Ouray, he went out and bought a new vStrom 1000 and dropped some big coin on farkles! Zumo gps unit, Starcom intercom system, Happy Trails trunk and sidecases, skid plate and crashbars and everything you'd need to run the White Rim Trail on a K vStrom. Even after Brad's emergency surgery, BBB and I were still planning to go to Colorado. Fate would have none of it and exploded a 1 year old braided toilet supply line. BBB has been remodeling (I suspect to appease mama for melting a couple of credit cards on kStrom farkles) and had just put down a bunch of laminated wood flooring...say bye-bye to that!!! He was so dejected, he opted out of the trip. We both knew it wouldn't be the same without B-Rad! I'd busted my hump to free up the 2 weeks, so off i went on a solo adventure. And now you know...the rest of the story. Stay tuned for details of our upcoming September should be epic!

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