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Originally Posted by creeper
James is one of the most stand-up guys I know... and if you could see and feel this seat in person, you'd be shippin' yours off tomorrow.
Thanks for the heads-up, mate.

Now about the two devils sitting on my opposite shoulders:

Devil # 1 "Buy Guzzi Parts, Buy Guzzi Parts, Buy Guzzi Parts...Bonneville is coming and you are way behind"

Devil # 2 "They run Bonneville every year, and your ass is spending all it's time on a sado-masochistic seat manufactured by bitter, resentful Germans. Imagine how much more work you could get done in the shop with a happy ass. A cheerful ass. An Ass that says "no task too small, no budget too large". And what if you continue to ignore your ass and it locks up just as you enter the timed mile? Have you thought about that? I didn't think so."

Well, it doesn't hurt to ask
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