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Trip planning...

belongs in the trip planning forum, huh? Whoops...maybe the forum gods will forgive me?

If you'll notice, PinItToWadIt and I had XL drybags with EVERYTHING stuffed in them. Good for organizing, bad for coming out of hard leans when cornering!

We vowed to lower the load as much as possible before the next long trip.
Brad ran across some sweet 9l each mtb panniers designed to hook into a bicycle rack.

One will hold all the clothes I need for a long weekend.

Being a mechanical engineer makes it easier to adapt stuff like this, I guess? B-Rad made some mounts to p-clamp to our crash bars with webbing straps and clasps instead of bungee cords.

Rock solid, even at highway speeds. The 12v charger easily reaches the front pouch to keep the cell phone charged, even when searching for a signal all day. They're easy on/off too!

I bought Jessie used and she came with soft saddlebags. After last year's Smoky Mountain trip, about half the zippers were broke, so I got 2 more JCW trunks and mounted them on Givi racks like saddlebags. MISTAKE!!! They make a great trunk, but suck as saddlebags! My drybag would unlatch the right one on big bumps without a key! It got crunched when Jessie took a nap in Mills Canyon, so I upgraded...again. I already have Givi racks installed, so I bought some Givi E41's. If you look closely, I had some rain covers for my old soft saddlebags that fit the tank panniers perfectly. Also note how much smaller the drybag looks. I've since changed to a large dry bag instead of XL.

They have an extra little keyless access door with a combination lock...perfect for adding those last minute items. Especially nice for getting to the soft sided cooler to add ice or other necessities! It used to dump out when the lid opened and it even broke the inner strap, then sprung the hinges on the old JCW.

I did a trial run to Possum Kingdom in early August and it's now much better balanced when fully loaded for camping. Mission accomplished! Now if Saturday would just hurry the f'up!!!!

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