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[quote=PinIt2WadIt]Hey Pops,

Glad you got the ball rolling on a trip report. Hard to get much accomplished at work when I'm daydreaming about our Misty Mountain Hop! This thread won't help much, but what the hell.

K8E has been real good about wanting me to take this trip with you guys. After the smell of your riding boots and socks last year , I was trying to convince her to maintain our plans and go to Cozumel. I figure I will just make sure I pitch my tent upwind of your riding gear and I'll be fine (lub you Pops)./quote]

So that's why you backed out Memorial Day...if I could do that to boots in 3 days, what would they be like after 2 weeks???

If it happens again, blame Roadmaster! I pulled the trigger on 2 pairs of coconut socks for $40!!! Supposed to be able to wear 'em a week with no stinkfoot odor!??? Money back guarantee to boot! Guess what...BACKORDERED!!! They were supposed to ship around Sspt. 1, so maybe??? If not, I'll bring that "special" pair and see if I can duplicate that delicate aroma like at Deal's Gap.
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