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Day 5 Labrador City to Happy Valley GOose Bay

Some words about Labrador City. It appears that there are only 3 motel/hotel choices so you would be advised to make reservations ahead of time. We hit all three and appear to have gotten the last double room available. If you want an early breakfast Tim Hortons is the only choice. If you want an early start gas up the night before. Stations do not open until 7.
Leaving Lab City on Rte 500 towards Churchill Falls the first 41 miles are paved. You can fly over this section if you ignore the impossible to ride 80kph speed limit.

Does this bike make Jackís butt look fat?
The view from the road.

Lots of boggy areas which require the road to be built up from the bogs.
When the road turns to gravel you have two choices, sight see or ride. I know this has been said before but it is true. The gravel demands 100% concentration.
The road looks like this

The gravel can be this

Or this

And if you get too close to the shoulder you may end up falling off this

The wind is no help either. It likes to surprise you with gusts that knock you off your line.
The last 30 miles of this leg is hard pack dirt and you can make good time into Churchill Falls where everything you may want - restaurant, hotel, or grocery store - is in this building.

We caught up with Markbvt and his group at breakfast here.

They agreed that the gravel was a lot of work, It doesnít get any better af to start. After leaving Churchill Falls. Instead of 70 miles of gravel you get 120 folllowed by 10 miles paved, another 30 gravel, and the last 20 into town paved. Since it was not wet the pace could be fast. Lots of construction zones, road graders, and surveyors.
Road to Happy Valley

I know I missed a lot by the way we rode this leg but there really are only two choices, ride or look. And faster is easier than slower. I was aware of the surroundings and the beauty of it but did not really see it. I knew we were paralleling a river at one point but donít ask me about it.
It was a great ride but thatís what it was - a ride. And thatís what I wanted.

There should be 8 ADVers in Happy Valley Goose Bay tonight - Jack and me, Markbvt + 3, and Jim and Mark from Maine.
We toasted the Best. Day. Ever!
Tomorrow we join the (countless) few who have ridden Phase 3. The weather gods have been kind so far and hopefully their largess will continue. Although the forecast is for about 39 degrees F in the morning.
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