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Day 5 28th August 2010 - Whitewood to Billings - rain defined today (or 2 days ago...I'm writing this on the 1st September). Rain and cold (or so I thought). I'd been umming and erring about whether or not I should bring my large one piece oversuit but in the end I packed it. Thank god! That suit carried me through the next day...but I was blissfully unaware. Not every day in a 30 day trip is going to be "action packed" and aside from a wee worry about me, the empty highway, driving rain and what would happen if I crashed (morbid thought time!) the highlight of the day was spending my evening drying socks and gloves and watching Transformers 2. Did I say "hightlight"? doh!! Devils Tower was by far the best thing I've seen on the trip. Totally amazing to see it leap out of the countryside and remain such a dominent feature for so many miles. Incredible and it's a tick in a box I didn't even know I had.

Day 6 Sunday the 29th August 2010 - Billings to Island Park - If anyone has checked out the planning thread they'll have already realised that I'm deviating from tentative plan. The end of this day should have seen me (by plan) in Twin Falls, Idaho but as mentioned above, I'm using the planned routes as guides - not to be set in stone. I'm probably going to take an extra day to make the westward crossing and whilst I would have cared about this during day 1 or 2 now I'm (almost) in vacation mode and not caring anymore. Anyway - today's route carried me over Beartooth highway and on through Yellowstone before stopping in Island Park. So..Beartooth pass - 10,000 feet, -3c, driving wind, snow, sleet, freezing rain, rain - today I was Frododalf - battling the elements against Caradhas (hope most of you get that...). It was demanding and, at times, felt never ending. Thank god I have two hand warmers in the shape of my Goose's jugs. Once you're down off Beartooth you enter a small town (can't recall the name at present - it was Cooke) and I had some well deserved chow and several cups of coffee before pushing on, through the rain, to Yellowstone - this park has to be Scottish. Did you yanks buy the Highlands? Weather was bloody aweful but still the riding was enjoyable, from Bison meandering across the road to the Grizzly bear I never saw (but I saw people who saw that counts) to anti climax that is Ol' Faithful and, of course, another state line and the continental divide. All of this left me grinning from ear to ear inside my egg.

coffee saves me from the snow of Beartoooth Pass

and I make my way, damply, into....

The Incontinent (we (Kimberly Clark) make products for that) Divide..

new state baebh!!

States 7 - Michegan,Wisconsin, Iowa, Minesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho.
Distance covered - 2133 miles (Toronto to Island Falls).
Encounters with "the man" - 1 - speeding ticket ((78mph in a 65) in South Dakota - cost $125.

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