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Originally Posted by Plaka
Go to court, tell it to the judge, have an MSF instructor to back you up. Unless the law is VERY specific about what "improper" is then it's one of those judgment calls on the part of the officer. If she/he is simply ignorant (and looking to get his quota) he could be acting reasonably enough. So you will have to demonstrate to the judge that that particular manueveer, at that speed, in those traffic and weather conditions, was NOT "improper". Testimony (or multiple depositions at least) from authoritative sources and experts (including maybe some motorcycle cops and instructors) will help your case.
I've done it in view of cops a few times, never had a problem. If I did, I'd pull over, be polite and calmly explain why I was stood up on pegs and why it was safe to do so. I'd do it in a way that wasn't patronising/that didn't make the cop look like an ignoramus, particularly if they were a bike cop (they hate bikers who think they know more about bikes than they do). Unless the cop was an absolute ***t, at worst, I'd envisage a, "don't do it again". If I was unlucky and got an imbecile LEO, I would happily go to court over it and fight it every step of the way. I would pay for a professional riding instructor to come along to court with me as an expert witness and testify:

-My bike has been modified to make it more comfortable/easier/safer to ride whilst standing.
-I wasn't "stunting" or showing off: the motivation for standing was safety.
-Being stood gives you more control of the bike and better visibility both to and of other vehicles.
-The potholes/road surface on the road concerned made it dangerous to ride sat down.
I like my bike because I can overtake 4x4s down farm tracks with a week's worth of shopping on the back.
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