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The word of the day is DUST. As you can see from the following the dust cloud created by a moving vehicle is impressive. For an 18 wheeler it can block the sky. And if you ride second in a two motorcycle procession you get to suck dirt all day long. The dust all along the TLH is second to none.

The temperature this morning was 39F when we got up and got as low as 32F along the way. I had brought my heated jacket liner but was sure I would never need it this trip. Wrong bucko! Was really glad I had it and kept the heat on till about noon. Eventually it warmed up to the mid-50s and made for some great riding.

To get to the beginning of TLH Phase 3 you have to ride back out of town and make a left. Immediately you are on the dirt. Then comes an open grate bridge. Then a road grader. Then you get to mile 3. The intel along the way was that Phase 3 was in the best condition of all the legs of the highway. The intel was correct. Donít get me wrong - there was still loose dirt, gravel, graders, dust, more gravel, etc., but for the most part the ride was fast, as long as your attention didnít wander. The engineers have built a fine road through the boggy wilderness and they deserve a shout out. The scenery is not very changing. You know you are alone out there as there is nothing other than construction sites along the road.
Right after the start

It is about 240 miles from the start of Phase 3 to Port Hope Simpson so we decided to take a mental break every 50 miles.

At 50 miles looking west

Looking east

Road surface

At 100 miles


The shoulder is about an 8 foot drop

At 150 miles


The side of the road is a little different

What is Jack doing?

Jack at the end of Phase 3 looking back from where we came

The Alexis River just before Port Hope Simpson.

The weather gods smiled on us again today. I can see how the road is a different beast with rain but we were lucky in that regard. We covered the ride to Port Hope Simpson in about 7 hours including rest stops. We are overnight in the Alexis Hotel here. Tomorrow we have another 125 miles of dirt and then itís paved road again. We will again be tourists heading for the ferry to Newfoundland.
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