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Originally Posted by Velocibiker
Not more HP, more VOLTS!

Max output for my Adventure is 200W. A GS 650 pumps out 400W(!!!!)

The stator is already wound up as much as it's going to go. Anybody know of a way to get more juice flowing? I'd like at least another 100W.
Then I could stop thinking about LED retrofitting and HID lighting....
Well you can get around a 25% increase in electrical efficiency by replacing the stator wiring with these new high temp super conductors. You'd have to install a small cryogenic plant on the back to keep the stator cold. And I mean cold...

I'm guessing, but I think you'd have to step up the main jet just a couple given the colder operating conditions

Oh yeah, and don't drop the bike. The engine cases are likley to shatter like glass. Just awarning
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