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Thumb Rick's plates are great !

Well, I have as of yesterday ridden 580 miles of Alaska's salty and sandy roads.

I have received free coffee, due to my being the first rider there this year. In other words not really the best practiced patience, waiting for safe roads on my part. I couldn't wait any longer.

The plates I purchased from Rick have done an exceptional job of keeping the sand and salt from scouring the front and bottom of my scoot. The best part is the cost. I don't know how Rick does it. Every time I rinse the bike off, I thank Rick's protecting plates for keeping my investment safe.

I will leave this morning for a 400 miler. The roads will be wet with melting snow and sandy from all the winters sanding trucks. The plates will do the job promised as well as any other expensive plates. The extra rear rack plate (Rick's) will haul that extra load I feel safer carrying.

Thanks again Rick

Your friend

p.s. see you this summer

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