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Originally Posted by Lone Rider
The Librarian
by Dean Koontz
Due out sometime in the near future...

"It was 6:00 pm, one hour before closing time on another Friday. Beneath the coiffed hair, moisturized skin, and simple clothing, a war was raging inside his skull, again."
Hey- I've been doing some adventuring. Like Monday morning, when I was at the hospital at 5:30 AM to help my dad have half of his right lung sucked out through a hole in his back just cuz for the last 50 years he's been smoking 2-3 packs of cigs a day, and last night, when I was in the ICUish Cardio Thoracic Recovery Unit convincing him to let the nurse pull the catheter out of his penis so that he could stand up and piss like a man, and this morning, when we pushed a wheel chair and all his tubes-and-monitors the length of the hall... and back.

Here we are, on the edge of the Darien, near Torti, on the Pan American. That's his landrover. It's parked for him, waiting for him, in Camino de Cruces. As soon as he finished his chemo and radiation, we're going to try out that new road to Carti.

Photo by Barb.

I am Charlie.
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