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pics to follow...

And now I am in a very cool Idaho country bar in Island Park, 23:30, people are dancing, there is a gremlin dog, several hot chickies, one of who claims to want to be a burlesque dancer..and I am drinking Moosedrool :)

Day 7 (30th August 2010) aka week 2 aka Island Park to Ely. Today started cold (7c) and slowly, very slowly warmed up, to a balmy 26c. 7am and I crawled out of bed, packed, showered, did morning things and was on the road by 8am. 7th day (or is it the 8th?) of heading west...of following the afternoon sun and being chased by the morning. Another cool day and another day of much grinning. I should add that I am not alone on my "epic" journey. I am accompanied by Johnny Cash, AC/DC, ZZ Top and all points in between. AnywaY, at 8am it's 7c and drizzling so kind of unpleasant but, as I headed west I was pointed at the blue sky and so it warmed, one degree at a time until I left Idaho and then it rocketed up to 26c as I crossed the incredible (I use that word a lot) basin area. Sure the world, my world, the straight but it's bordered by mountainous walls, it's the high plains and I'm drifting. It's also the first time I have been warm in three days and the first time I have seen the sun in two and as I cross another 20 mile horizon I ponder and flex and reflect and bask. Life is good. I camped tonight, first time in umm..since crossing the Misshippy. I'm in Ely...I was born in Ely (England) and now I find myself in Ely again,
watching kareoke. I'm liking the local bars in the small towns. For now good reader, I bid thee a ummm...seeya. Tomorrow I ride highway 50...west. Only two more days of westness.

States 7 - Michegan,Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada + Ontario
Distance covered - 2624 miles (Toronto to Ely).
Encounters with "the man" - 1 - speeding ticket ((78mph in a 65) in South Dakota - cost $125.

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