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Thanks for the well-wishes Gents.

The preparations for our crew continue. My bike is half-apart in the garage while Revelstoker's bike is falling-apart in GRock's garage. The only problem is that GRock is MIA and his garage is locked. So, Revelstoker's forks are leaking a slow death as he prays for GRock's return.

Of course, Revelstoker also has a well-stroked X-Challenge in the shed that could do the tour were it called upon. With no luggage options and minimal creature comforts it would be an interesting ride for Revelstoker. These bikes are ass-numbing enough without carrying all your gear in a large backpack.

Will GRock materialize? Will he have time to fix ol' Orange to her former glory? Will the Furious Basterd balance shift to BMW? Shize!

Stay tuned.
Ride on.

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