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This is frikkin' amazing. Brilliant hillbilly engineering!!

Originally Posted by x3300

The powder coat oven I have access to is not big enough to fit a 21" front rim, so I needed to make up some way to heat the rim to 390 degrees Fahrenheit and hold that temperature for 15 minutes. My solution was to heat the rim with two propane torches while I spun it on a wheel stand. Here's my setup.

I found a discarded bead frame rail in a dumpster that I used for the stand. I just did a very quick fab job cutting the sections and welded them together. I laced four spokes into the wheel, just enough to support the rim as I turned it gently. The torches are propped in position by large c-clamps.

I needed to keep both torches at full to get the rim to come up to temperature. I think three torches would work better.

I used this infrared thermometer from Harbor Freight to monitor the rim temperature.

Anyway, after two coats and lots of spinning I was really surprised at what came out.


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