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These bikes are about the same weight as a fully fuelled BMW R1150GS, so they take a bit of man-handling when it goes a bit pear shaped. But I made a mistake when I was getting dressed for the journey. I had a spare t-shirt, socks and jocks packed, so I thought I'd wear my long sleeve thermal top over the top of my cotton t-shirt but under my long tailed rugby top. What this did was trap the sweat and make the t-shirt damp. It became a problem later that afternoon. I should have done what I usually do and simply wear the thermals as a base layer, then t-shirt, then rugby top, then back protector, then winter liner and textile jacket. First time I've done it that way. Definitely the last. I was trying to extend the freshness of the thermals by having the t-shirt next to my skin. Dumb move.
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