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Day 7 continued...

Just a quick note about Gravitycheck. You're probably wondering why he hasn't signed in...
We left on good terms, I swear!

I thought maybe he forgot his ADV password, but it turns out that Trayce has some excellent reasons why he hasn't been stopping by.
I'm a little sad, since he's the main reason I'm even doing a ride report this year, but it just means I get to use all the goofy Gravitycheck photos I want
Some day he'll get to read this, and by then it will be too late...

So, Day 7 continued...

It got so freaking dusty, we started spacing ourselves further apart.
We took turns leapfrogging, taking photos and video of each other.
Here, Trayce waved us by so he could get video.

Oops - one more.
This was from earlier that morning (but I forgot to post it yesterday).
Tracyce was still learning how to shoot a video

Too bad we were so busy fooling around, we blew by the trail turnoff...

Norm said it was straight ahead, through this grass.
Trayce was skeptical, but it worked.

Love these pink wildflowers. I probably should save some of these 2up pics to use later in the report, when we no longer have a photographer.
I guess I'd better practice my CS2 skills (photoshop) so I can cut and paste us into the upcoming CDT backgrounds

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
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