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James Bay Express

This trip to James Bay Quebec was actually in July. I am delayed in doing the ride report as a result of some happenings on the way home. THe trip itself had good and bad both points to it...

One of the Good's, was it was a great trip, with a great riding partner. Another aspect of the good was we made it from start to finish.

The Bad, I did not make it home (well I did eventually) due to having an accident that totalled my BMW F650 GS. I suffered some injuries but am healing (slower than I like but when you are over 60... :)

Below are a couple pictures... ....


And of course the after......

Thats enough about that for now... I wanted to explain the delay and also did not want to just "spring it" during the RR. I will go into more detail when the RR gets to that point in time..

For now, those who want to tag along... grab a beverage of your choice.. Next up will be how the trip got planned...

Pat in NH
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