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Day 7 Port Hope Simpson Labrador to Plum Point Newfoundland

First a shout out to the Alexis Hotel in Port Hope Simpson. Carol, Jessica, Jodie, and the rest of the staff made our stay a most pleasant one. A great place to stay if you are in PHS. An ancient mariners 4 thumbs up recommendation.
The were 9 ADVers at the hotel, Jack and me, + 5 guys from Mass, and 2 from Newfoundland doing the TLH CCW.
We managed to keep ourselves under control and actually eat breakfast before leaving the hotel at 0700. We were to be tourists today and visit a number of places we found in the Labrador Coastal Highway guidebook.
First stop was St Lewis, the easternmost permanent community on mainland Canada.
The road to St Lewis

And it is the place where you can drive a vehicle the farthest east in mainland Canada.

The next stop was Mary’s Harbor, a picturesque fishing village 30 km up the road.

Had a drink and nice talk with Mr Ackerman, whose family has owned this store for 50 years.

Back out on the highway we had 30 of the toughest miles so far this trip.

I thought the hard stuff was done yesterday and had a hard time keeping my mind in the game. Lots of loose gravel and speeding cars were not a good combination this morning. The ride was exhausting. Talked to 6 other riders later in the day and they all agreed this ride was a bear. You probably heard my sigh of relief when we finally reached pavement at Red Bay.
During the 16th Century Red Bay was used by the Basques as a whaling port

Red Bay was our lunch stop at the Whalers Restaurant

Today’s porn

Cairns like these were used by the native population to mark trails and to show friendship

Harbor entrance

Now we were going 60 or 70 mph on pavement till we got to L’Anse Amour. We went down a dirt road for about 1km to see this burial site.

This burial site predates the Pyramids

Then back up on the road to our hotel. Since it was so early in the day we thought we would go find the ferry terminal in Blanc Sablon and have an idea what to expect in the morning. The 1530 ferry was just arriving so we decided to see if we could get on. Success.
Waiting for the ferry

On the vehicle deck secure for sea. I used my own tiedowns but there are some available on board if you need them

Leaving the pier

Town of Blanc Sablon Labrador

The crossing of Strait of Belle Isle was uneventful.
And now we sit in the Plum Point Motel for the night.
Tomorrow the Vikings.
And maybe worry about what Earl will do to our ferry ride to Nova Scotia,
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