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Time for another update. Put the slightly larger (15t) sprocket on the front, didnt change a whole lot. The bike will wind out in 3rd and hits 45 mph, then when I shift to fourth it drops rpms but still wont push past 45. It also does this wierd thing where it will suddenly cut then rev for just a millisecond if its been held at WOT for a mile or so. Did some more checking, discovered I only have about 75 pounds of compression, so I'm going to try re-ringing it this weekend. Everything looks okay, other than the cylinder feels really glazed. Rings showed up today, popped the top end off tonight, I'll take it in tomorrow and hone it and do some more measuring. While I was at it, I started on the "blueprinting". Wanted to measure the port sizes and locations so I can start figurin this winter...

Was having a tough time getting my calipers in to the cylinder (its only 100cc's) so this is what I eventually came up with:

What I needed was measurements between all the ports and the port sizes.

Get some aluminum foil and roll it into a tube that just barely fits into the cylinder-

Get a balloon (or in my case, a laytex glove) and some compressed air, stick the glove in the tin foil tube, and inflate-

Kinda hard to see, but you can see the dent the glove made in the foil where the port is.

Remove the now imprinted tin foil, and measure away!

Final product, a doodle with numbers:


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