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Originally Posted by TheMuffinMan
Cause: Front tire must've tilted up the water pipe cover which jammed between my oil pan and the hole in the road causing the bike to suddenly decelerate while I kept going (inertia's a bitch) over the handlebars superman style.
Bad luck and stupid covers! Though the airbag vest worked wonders; some of the best money I ever spent. (I have the MLV model)
That is such a nice looking bike - what a shame. Glad you are ok.

So what you are saying is this- the cover popped up and then caught the oil pan, causing you to go over the bars. Man, that is a weird one. Someone probably did not put that cover on properly, like it was half in the hole.

The airbag vest inflated fully? I have always wondered if they would inflate in time before you hit the ground. If I remember right, they take about a half second to fully inflate but some of the newer ones take about 1/4 second. Did you land on your chest or your back?
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