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Day 7 continued...

Pretty soon, we were in Seneca.

I wanted to see the bobcats, but they werenít outside.

I know a lot of inmates like to stay here at the Lodge, but I was worried it would be too pricey.
Also, we only had 4 days with Trayce and the 3 of us just wanted to sit around and bullshit amongst ourselves.
We picked up some fud and some beer and split.

Stopped at a campground and filled up our dromedary bags, then continued on to Big Creek Campground (the woman at the store said it was much nicer the further out you go).
[I notice that link has some other (free) campgrounds in the area, too.]

It was nice. We were almost the only ones there (2 guys were on the other side of the CG).
I even found a huge pile of firewood that some previous campers had left. Score!

We didnít need to fill our bags after all. There was water here.

We enjoyed this cool (but splashy) hand pump.

While Matt had ridden with Trayce quite a bit (Baja, 2007 KTM rally, etc...),
I had only met him a handful of times before this trip.
It was fun to sit around and chat and get to know him better.

Last night, while we were drinking and catching up, Matt and I had been telling Trayce about our trip so far.

He couldnít believe how much snow and crap we had already gone through in the first few days.
"What in the hell are you guys doing?!"

Today, out of Mattís earshot, Trayce told me, ďDonít worry, Kelly. That shit wonít happen now - Iíll be the voice of reason!Ē

(Here comes the Voice of Reason!)

The day had gone really well - smooth, relaxing and fun.
Maybe Trayce was breaking the spell of Stupid...

[guess that sucks for you guys...]

So, that's what hard bags are good for...

The campfire pics didnít turn out very well, but hereís a pretty moon shot:


OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
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