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Day 1

Day 1 - Friday July 2nd

This trip looks to be about 2400 miles and I have figured in about 9 days and have a 10th available if needed.

Day 1 is typically not a very exciting day, I call it my "Get outa Dodge" day. To save vacation days, I work a half day on my departure day. I am on salary, so do not get paid for working over so on GOODD, I use my excess hours that week to leave early, normally by noon.

I am meeting Jim in Chibougamau on Saturday evening and that is about 650 miles. Originally when going solo, I planning to get just past Drummondville today. When Jim and I decided to meet in Chibougamau, I thought I would try and extend my first day by getting an additional 60 miles up towards Shawinigan. In addition, I was hoping to get on the road closer to 11:00am and this would leave a leasurly Sat ride of approx 300 miles.

I managed to get my water loaded up at 10:30 and slipped out of work at 10:45. Jumping on Route 3 in Merrimack NH, I was looking at warm temps, clear blue skies with white puffy clouds. I would say a beautiful day for a ride!

25 miles out is the Hooksett Toll Booth on I-93. I paid the toll and pulled off in the rest area just past the booth. I typically take a stop shortly in when packed heavy to check the load and straps etc.

The load was all secure, grabbed some liquid and mounted back up to continue north...

Yours Truly ready to roll....

North Bound on I-93 with the NH Mountains...

When I got up in the White Mountains, I made a little rest stop in Franconia Notch, a very picturesqe area of NH, also famous for the the now deceased rock formation known as the old man of the Mountain

As I continued through the notches and into VT, the winds picked up and I faced a lot of cross and head winds. My low fuel light came on at 165 instead of the normal 185. That was the norm last year in Labrador when loaded and traveling highway speeds so I was not alarmed.

About 2:45 pm I reached the border crossing into Canada near Derby Line on I-91 in VT.

It was only about a 15 minute wait and I had no issues when I passed.

About 4:15 a made a short rest stop in Drummondville Quebec. It was just a quick stretch my legs stop and load my campgrounds routes into the GPS. I am only about an hour and half from my desired stop location.

I arrived at the campground in St Bonaface at 6:00 pm... After checking in (took a few minutes with my lack of French) the owner lead me over to my site.

I proceeded to get my tent sent up and grabbed the jetboil to heat up some coffee to cook up some food. I was tired and not in the mood to go out to eat.

So ends Day 1. I was in early enough to be able to relax. I had several campers come over to visit, look at the bike and ask about my trip. It was a beautiful weather day and a great day of riding.

Next up Day 2 and Chibougamau to meet up with Jim!

Day 1 Stats
Total Time 7h 25m
Moving Time 6h 9m
Total Miles 326.4
Moving Ave 53 mph
OA Ave 44 mph
Max Speed 76.9

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