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Wicked 800GS Blown Clutch Replacement Surgery - DIY

If you want to skip to the DIY photos, go here or page 3...

OK boys and girls I finally did it. I done broke the GS in a way at won't let me continue my journey....

I know, I know, you were expecting to find this snazzy write up from some expert know it all already done and here for you to digest, to think about and plan for a while before you're out of warranty and needing to replace your own clutch.


Now, granted there can and will be a nifty little write up here about how easy it is to replace the clutch with the nifty BMW clutch kit, but before that can happen I need some help.

See, I just rode most all those trans-con-tour dirt rides rapped into one-on-shoestring-budget rides that is generally My Style. After many miles of punishment, and having nearly 40,000 miles on the clock, a steep loose single track on the Oregon coast did me.... The GS plays a dirt bike on television pretty well, but in reality is finally fed up with my shenanigans, as why the clutch slips if I'm anything but mellow on the gas. At least she's nice enough to warn me gently instead of just blowing up in the middle of fuck all nowhere - where I feel like ive been for a while.

Obviously I have some time on my hands here, since it's Saturday on a holiday weekend, I won't be seeing any parts until wenesday at best. ( being the ahead of the curve as Ive been on the GS, no dealer stocks those kit, yet)

So while I prepare to change out my clutch, in the woods, I need some help.

Will any good souls who have the service manual DVD take some screen shots of the whole clutch changing thing and send them to me?
I wont have the BmW crank shaft tool to lock it, but figure in-gear and hold the brake should do that if its even needed... I only have basic tools out here, and from what I remember (yes I studied this for this day) it's a straightforward procedure with nothing special needed... It can be done in the woods...

This should be fun right? I mean, at least I'm in the US and can get the parts relatively fast, and currently have ATT Edge service on my idevice, the weather is great, and I have YOU!

Let's do this together!

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