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Day 2

Day 2 – From Shawinigan QC to Chibougamau QC
Today’s ride is up through rural areas of Quebec to the town of Chibougamau where I will meet up with my riding partner, Jim Gordon. He has been traveling from Ontario and has booked us a room at the Hotel-Motel Nordic in town. It looks to be approx 330 miles today.
Overnight it rained, very light but off and on most of the night. It was actually nice sleeping to the sound of the light rain. I got up and relaxed a bit, fixing some coffee and a Jet Boiled egg and bacon breakfast. I was in no hurry as I had all day to get to Chibougamau so I took my time cleaning up and breaking camp. It was 8:20 as I fired up the F-Bikes engine and departed the campground.....

Ready for breakfast.......

Heading down the road

It was a scnenic ride, the hills, waters and curving roads

Moose Crossing?? They have plenty of those signs back home. It was not here but I did see one off in the distance of a marsh area. I also saw a bear and stopped to try and get his picture but by then he was too far away into the trees.

The covered bridge photo! I was not actually looking for one. We have a large quantity of them in NH and VT and many rides include a bridge picture.

Most of the northern leg from Chibougamau was on Rte 155. The entire day was mostly 2 lane roads with speed limits of 50 - 55 mph.

The road often passed waterways.....

Ahead is Lac Saint Jean. This marked the end of Rte155 and I headed NW on Rte 169 (which became 167)

I While I was heading in North/Northwest, Jim was on the road on his KLR, heading East/Northeast from Ontario. Jim would arrive at the motel before me and get checked in.

I was a little tired today... this is one of a couple roadside rest areas that I pulled over at to stretch my legs and relax.

I arrived at the hotel at 4:56 pm. I spotted Jim's bike and pulled up behind it. He came out to meet me as our room was right by the parking slot.

So ends Day 2. It was a nice riding day, mild temps and bits of occasional light rain. I unloaded the bike, checked the net for mail etc and relaxed a bit. Jim and I walked over to the Hotel restauraunt for dinner. We covered the bikes/gear up as we expected a bit of overnight rain.

Next up Day 3 and the Route Du Nord, the North Road

Day 2 Stats
Total Time 8h 38m
Moving Time 6h 35m
Total Miles 335
Moving Ave 51 mph
OA Ave 39 mph
Max Speed 71.9

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