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Cold Kiwi Weekend

In the interests of saving time for you skim readers, & dealing to any tension you might have felt, Gus was up & running for the Cold Kiwi weekend.

He successfully managed to run for the round trip of 873kms.

But I didn't get him up & running until about 10.30pm Friday night, & given the conditions (absolutely bucketing down) I didn't get a test run in. Part of the delay was wiring in an essential piece of equipment - the heated grips.

Made it to the 8.00am meeting place at 8.20am - I needed to reinflate tyres (they were sitting at 20psi), but discovered the local air lines wouldn't accomodate the BMW rear wheel / valve stem.

Carbs also need a good strip & set up. The idle mixture was set way high, & the carbs wouldn't balance. A strip is in order. They'd run on occassionally, which was 'interesting' in some corners.

Initial ride impressions were of a very torquey motor, faster than the KTM, stable on seal or gravel (the shock still has some damping), no brakes to speak of (work with a full hand squeeze - not 2 fingers). The seat height's a lot lower than the KTM. I kept catching myself trying to do the balance / scramble I had perfected on the KTM, but no longer need. Whilst the bars seem quite high they are perfect when standing. The pegs / seat relationship is a little cramped & I need to build the seat up.

The alloy boxes just work a heap better on the BMW than they ever did on the KTM. On the KTM they were 950mm wide (air brakes). On the BMW 800 wide. The KTM felt like they were too far back (to accomodate a pillon that was never going to be there).

The clutch slipped once, out on the gravel.

Rode with GuzziTony on his highly modified R80G/S, & Mark_S on his wanna-be KLR. Took a route via Ashurst, Pohangina, Ridge Rd, Apiti, Mangaweka, the Taihape for lunch. After lunch Mark_S left bound for Napier via the Gentle Annie, GuzziTony & I went to the Kiwi site, were I met up with EddieB, & an old friend Paul Roberts. Paul's had a R100GSPD (Miami Vice colours) from new.

The Kiwi was a lot of fun, caught up with a number of friends I don't see for 12 mths. They'd had snow Friday (2cm), but it was largely gone before we got there.

Sunday rode over the Gentle Annie with Paul, met Mark_S at Omahu, & rode Valley Rd / Argyll Rd across to Waipawa for coffee. In amongst that had minor issue with the speedo drive & battery strap, soon resolved.

Then rode Blackhead Beach, Porongahau, Wimbledon, & Weber. The wind after Porongahau was threatening to blow us off the bikes, so I wasn't particularly enjoying the ride. Mark_S convinced me to continue through to Pongaroa, where things improved but rain threatened. Then Pahiatua, PNth, Otaki, & Home at 6.30pm.

The bike appears to be getting about 15 km/litre (35mpg US), which I find a bit thirsty, but it was being pushed at times.

Surprisingly good grip from the munted IRC 110 GP whatevers. But they howl somthing aweful.

The sump gasket is leaking (it was weeping before the trip), but I was going to drop that anyway, so an easy repair. The neutral switch doesn't appear to be making good contact - the light is very dim. Either crap in the switch again, or the external wiring connections need uncorroding. When riding I can feel a regular ticking coming from the bike. Haven't diagnosed fully yet. Suspect (but hopeful it is not) gearbox or final drive.

Found the headlight surprisingly poor. I expected this to be much better, coming from the KTM. I need to investigate why that might be (aside from not being set up right). The mechanism which allow adjustment appears broken & the light has a lot of movement in it. Until I know if the fairing is going to stay, I won't be repairing that however..

I've won an auction on a 4 pot Tokico caliper off an RGV 250 tonight. So that's next on the list of upgrades...
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