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Originally Posted by oregoncoast
HogWild, a participant of this year’s race told me that he had more fun racing in the Mexican 1000 than almost any other race.......
The idea of using a late 80's bike felt a little like cheating.....
And not to besmirch Jonah Street’s 2010 Mexican 1000 victory on a borrowed late model XR
Well HogWild told you right! I've done 23 Baja 1000's and countless other Baja races and the NORRA Mex 1k was an absolute blast! Fun terrain, fun format, simple logistics, low pressure, and a good time every night.
I'm feeling a bit left out here... Jonah actually started the race on a '87ish Husky but that bike gave up the ghost almost within sight of the Start line. I stopped (started after him) and told him if he wanted to continue to La Paz then we could share my '88 XR. I couldda easily done the entire race, but we're old friends and he came a lone way to DNF so early.
Yeah, I had a cheater bike (it was awesome too). But there were for sure some goofy rules and regulations for that event. There were race cars that would still be competitive today. I believe the 1st real vintage finisher would have been that Olds in the pic you posted @ 13th overall.
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