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Originally Posted by Dirt_Dad
I think I've read most everything here on the S10 and there's a lot of great info on how it handles the dirt. I wondering about hitting the hardcore paved twisties in the mountains. I'm very pleased with how my Vee handles the twisties and I would not like to lose capability if switching to the S10.

I realize it's not a sport bike or SST, but what is the fun factor when pushing this bike fast in the twisties? I care about the adrenaline rush much more than high speed. Although solid eye popping acceleration is always appreciated.
If you leave the Tourance tyres on, and select the S mod, you'll be suitably impressed. It handles the tar twisties very well. I found it handles best when you sit right forward against the tank and attack the corners. It very planted and capable of serious lean angles without any bad behaviour. The steering is a bit slow for serious work though, but there are new dogbones on the market now to jack up the rear and quicken the steering if thats your thing.
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