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Vietnam-Laos-Thailand-Cambodia... On Minsks

Hopefully this won't be frowned upon, but this isn't a "live" ride report, we took this trip from 12/19/2009 to 1/10/2010. Between having 3 motorcycles and 12 cars that need constant attention, and being an Olympic level procrastinator, somehow I haven't managed to get around to writing this until now.

My wife Larisa (Audigirl) and I, along with our friend Aivars, decided that we should go ride through South East Asia on motorcycles, but couldn't find very much useful info about doing it. There are companies that do guided tours, but none that crossed borders, and we wanted to see Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia. There are companies that rent bikes (usually XR250s), but we were unsure if we would be able to cross borders with rented bikes. Would they want ownership papers? Would they take the bike from us and throw it in a river, thereby making the rental agency slightly annoyed with us?

So we set off for Hanoi with no real plan except "Find motorcycle, ride far"

We spent a day in the Old Quarter of Hanoi just wandering around, getting the lay of the land, and realizing what an awesome place we were in. It is amazing what a two wheeled culture this is; Everything is delivered on a bicycle or a scooter.

This is not an uncommon sight

Legends Beer, our favorite place to hang out. They have great food, $1 500mL beer, and a view of this uncontrolled six way intersection.

Left to right - Me (Grayson), Larisa, and Aivars

We spent a lot of time at Legends, enjoying good beer and watching the crazy intersection. Here's just a few highlights...

Need an awning delivered? Scooter!

Need flowers delivered? Bicycle!

Need a small child delivered? Scooter!

Need 18,000lbs of rice delivered? Scooter!

Pictur frames? You guessed it!

Our first End Of Day photo. If you cant make it out, the sign says "SFO-TPE-HAN, Walked 6 miles around Hanoi. Tired."
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