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Yeah....I've been up and down Hurricane Creek numerous times on my old dual sport...but never on the little piggy.

Until now, that is!

It starts out easy enough.

...just a scenic ride in the country...

...a little bumpy, perhaps...

It's hard to tell for all the trees but if you mess up to the left's about 100ft down to the creek!

I wouldn't even think about it on the DR...but decided that I'd better have a closer look at my lines for this bike!

The mossy old stone wall is kinda cool.

It was a bit muddier than I expected it to be as it's been kinda dry lately....

....the lack of recent rain was evident in the shallow water crossings though.

I knew that trouble out here could be bad but I was cruising right along and having a ball anyway!

That expression says fun! fun! fun!

Then suddenly with out warning, over nothing too rough the pogo sticks timing was just off enough to catch a good one!!

Yeah....I went to school on the short bus! Gotta problem with that?!?

Well....the only damage appeared to be to the skid plate itself, so I guess it did it's job!

I aint out of the woods yet though..

I wasn't completely alone up there though I ran across these campers packing it in after the long weekend.

...and when you get to the cabins..... know that I-40 is just below.

Well....the day aint over yet.......
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