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Although there was still plenty of daylight I knew that I'd be getting home after dark so I short cut my way down I-40 to Canton with the intention of climbing back up to the Parkway.

They were having some sort of carnival there...

...but I just rolled right on by.

It wasn't too far down the road that I felt a familiar squishiness in the rear tire!

What are the odds?

Thankfully I still had everything I needed to plug it and keep rolling.

NC 215 is also an old favorite for both twisties and scenery.

I really should have taken the time to rotate and crop this one...maybe later.

Back up on the Blue Ridge Parkway....this is called "Devil's Courthouse"

Shadow's a gettin' long....gotta go!

...same rock, different overlook...

I had another NO traffic clean run down 276 !! That's 3 in a row baby!! totally makes up for the skidplate and flat tire!

Looking Glass Falls

And I'll close with a couple of "corny" sunset pics as I managed to get off the mountain just before dark.

Look what followed me home!! Can I keep it?!?

Watch out Chuck!! You've got competition now!!
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