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Originally Posted by Dirt_Dad
I think I've read most everything here on the S10 and there's a lot of great info on how it handles the dirt. I wondering about hitting the hardcore paved twisties in the mountains. I'm very pleased with how my Vee handles the twisties and I would not like to lose capability if switching to the S10.

I realize it's not a sport bike or SST, but what is the fun factor when pushing this bike fast in the twisties? I care about the adrenaline rush much more than high speed. Although solid eye popping acceleration is always appreciated.
Well.... It is really great. I live on a kibutz that is located on a very long twisting mountain road and have a blast every day with the bike.
My brother has been riding sport bikes for over 25 years and is very good at it. So good in fact that the police thinks he is too good for his own good.
As my older brother he never has any thing good to say regarding my motorcycling ( a big brother thing) and since his last bike was a CBR 1000 RR ( with a lot of extra power That I can never understand what it is good for- little brother thing ) I was expecting a lot of shit when he took it for a spin on our road. He came back with a very suppressed big smile and said:
" Haaa, not enough power only 110 Hp I need my 185 HP" - big brother thing. Then he said: " but my god this thing flys through the corners . I think I could not do any better with the 1000RR" - Not a typical big brother thing. The bottom line is this bike got a compliment from my brother and I am sure that realy hurt.
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