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Hey Jenny,

Enjoy your training, I expect to see a full RR in this thread on that! Take your seat with while you are there and get Renazco to redo it for you, definitely worth its weight in gold!

I like your idea of putting a fuel tank between the front tanks (arent those front tanks 17l together? ), Its definitely a PITA having the airbox relocated to this position with the JVO rear tank. I would go for the auxiliary tanks, I would be concerned 25l might be a bit light given all the dunes on the route...Still you probably have a better idea than me after the Tunisia rally. The Sertoes did not have that much sand and it was hard to gauge range because I refuelled with all the lighter bikes just in case. I must be honest, I found the bike a little lower and much more fun to ride without the rear tank, that being said I know my bike is Dakar ready. Now all I got to do is find sponsorship in the next 17 months! I looked at your deposits and assistance fees for this Dakar and HOLY MOLY!!! It's freaking robbery I tell you! Even at those prices Im amazed to see there will be 200 bikes & Quads!!!

That bash plate is sweet, I prefer it to my carbon fibre one as well, though I really hammered it hard on this trip and it held up perfectly. The caps on my water tank came off though.

All the best in your training and ride safe!
Dreaming of Dakar
Everyone has a max speed, 90% of that max speed is much safer and easier, and if that 90% speed isn't fast enough at Dakar, you enter the snowball. - neduro
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