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Originally Posted by kildala2000
Hey GusGus,

Great to here from you. Thanks for the comments. I can't believe that your riding already. Even thought the snow is gone here and the HD riders are out I'm still holding off from riding.
Gald to here that you like the product and it is doing what it's ment to do. As for how I sell it for what I do. I'm not in this to make huge profits and enjoy the interaction with all of you on the list.
GusGus I will let you know when I'll head your way. It looks like it will be around the last weeks in June.

Thanks again,
Ride Safe,

PS: Still have stock. So get protected for summer riding.
Hi there Rick,

Yes riding has been pretty great. The side roads aren't, but who go's there? In Alaska it is a good way to get shot anyway. Some shack dwellers seem to believe the road belongs to them too!
But the main roads are good before dark. The water running (draining/melting snow) across the roadway becomes pretty tough to cross about dark thirty. So just like in Transylvania, it is best to be home and inside before dark.
Been tending to a friend who has a mystery illness today, with the Gruverhood bunch.
About an hour or so ago we left him at the hospital. He seems to be doing better although not running or jumping yet.
The time frame of your arrival would seem to be close to the D2D ride. You gonna make it? We are also going to do your fav ride to Inuvik while our brides await the soldiers we are to return back to Dawson for them. We will be in route to Dawson on the 15th and 16th, and returning back to the Home spot on or around the 20th, or even a bit after.
So if'n you are here looking fer me look North and I will return ASAP. OK?
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