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Originally Posted by LittleWan
I tried blowing your pic up (screen capture) to get a better look and I still can't tell (too grainy). I guess you need a Colorado expert to tell you for sure.

Are the bridal veil falls visible in that photo? I couldn't tell. If you are facing the switchbacks, those steps are kind of up and behind the falls, right?

I was trying to compare that section you photographed with the photos I took (to look across and see if the vantage point makes sense) but I realized that I don't know exactly where you were taking your photos (We didn't know about Imogene Pass ).
SO, I've got that goin' for me.

Oh, I sound just completely insane and obsessive, don't I?
yeah. Sorry 'bout that. Must. Know. The. Answer. Now...

Okay, can I have a 20 million dpi copy of that photo so I can enlarge it and examine the details with my magnifying loupe? Just kidding!

I'll just sit quietly now and enjoy your beautiful photographs.
Your pretty ride report deserves a nice bump anyway...
P.S. I'm enjoying the words, too. Not just the pictures.
Hi Kelly, thanks! I hope these pics answer our questions, I am really impressed ya'll did this stuff two up! I look forward to reading your experience out there!

Here is a link to the full sized picture (right click and save link as):

I marked up the picture so you can see the points we are talking about. The falls are on the right and I think the pass and the steps are just out of view. I looked through the rest of my pics I didn't upload (tons of em!) but didn't find a better view...

I got onto Google Earth with my tracks and tried to find the same pictures and label the area. Sorry for the poor quality but I hope it shows the area.

This one I tried to get from the same spot I took the picture... "the tunnel" is the spot we are standing at

Here are our tracks over the two different days of riding Imogene (on the left) and Black Bear. You can see how Imogene runs with regards to the valley.

This pic is from further away showing how Imogene runs from Telluride, it literally shoots right out of the city!

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