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My concern about Chris is not unfounded... he shows up after a while with a broken shift lever! I know the road we just traversed was very rocky and "cliffy" so I am glad it wasn't worse. Turns out he was super lucky and go shot by a rock into the solid part of the cliff and not the other, more spacious, part.

Chris! I know you have helmet cam video of this stuff!

For the record... my BMW has steel levers which bend and can be bent back into place instead of snapping like these aluminum parts. Also, I carried all 4 spare levers with me at all times. Chris had to learn to shift with the back of his boot on the spiky stub.

Off the record, I still like Chris' bike and I prob would be riding one if I had more leg length, but don't tell him that! I just had to mention the lever thing because Chris still jibes at me for the legendary "BMW reliability" the less fortunate F800s have been experiencing in the forums.

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