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Originally Posted by LittleWan
And THAT'S why it pays to plan ahead...we are finding out we missed all kinds of good stuff.
Haha, very true but I often wonder what I am missing if I don't charge ahead like you two did and find some roads much less traveled (or never traveled at all). Kudos!

Probably a lot more of this...

Coincidentally this is the next picture in my series. Shortly after we left the Jeep tourists we plowed our way through the rocks towards the pass. There are several areas here where more adventurous 4x4 drivers have carved playgrounds in the rocks and I have trouble determining which paths to take. At the point where I drop the bike I am turning around to take the correct path and drop the bike in an embarrassing spot.

I stand there laughing at ourselves and Chris comes over to help me pick up the bike. We are over 12,000 feet now and both relatively tired, from this point onward toward the actual pass is where I recommend to have a buddy while riding to help when needed. The Jeep tourists were joking with me while we waited for Chris that their rental guy said "On Imogene Pass when the going gets tough it only gets tougher".

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