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Tanh Hoa

I didn't mention in my last post that Tanh Hoa (the city we stopped in the first night) sucks. Wide streets, big grey box shaped cement buildings. Hard to find anything to eat. After walking around for the better part of an hour, we found a restaurant that looked half way decent. This was the first encounter with what we began to call "Hammered Chicken". I don't think we have any pictures of this dish, but we ended up getting it A LOT (many restaurants don't have a selection, they just make one thing, and that's all you get).

Here is how I think Hammered Chicken is made:
1. Do not feed your chicken, because feeding it will put meat on its bones.
2. When your chicken dies of hunger, pluck it and clean it.
3. Once done plucking and cleaning the chicken, chop it into small pieces using a dull hatchet. Don't forget the feet!
4. Lightly fry.

So basically what you get is a plate of chicken bones with teeny little pieces of meat clinging to them, and it's your job to extract the meat somehow. I think it was so much work that it turned out to be a negative calorie food.

So after this lovely meal we decided to find a grocery store to get some chips or something. We found one on the 3rd story of a department store... strange.

I don't think very many tourists come through this town, because while we were walking around the store, we were drawing crowds. People following us, waving to us, taking pictures of us. All of it was super friendly, just unusual. You couldn't feel more out of place if you were an NBA player in Loompaland
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