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Day Two

This is when things started to get really cool. We were getting comfortable with the bikes, the Chatterboxes, and the roads. As soon as we were out of Tanh Hoa we were on these great meandering roads through rice paddies and over small hills. Great pavement everywhere. I kept thinking about how much I would love to be here on my '75 XS650 or one of my cars.

Stopping for a Clif bar and some water.

This was the day we realized how easily the Minsks fall over. The two feet of the center stand are about two inches apart, so if you even look at the thing wrong it'll fall down. Same goes for the side stand, which you can probably see in the above picture does not rake forward at all, so the slightest push on the bike from behind and it all goes toppling over.

We landed in a little town called Con Cuong. Found a great little hotel, and when the owner saw our passports he said "ohh, America, very good. Hockey, Obama, Hockey!" I didn't know we were such Hockey fanatics in America.

This is the view out of our little hotel room window

Running out of time, have to leave for work. I'll do more soon!
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