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resurecting an old thread

100 degree temps aren't that far ahead, so I'm going to add a second (right side) fan to the tanker. I've already ordered the fan and mounting it up isn't going to be much of a problem, but I'd like to snazz up how it functions instead of just an on/off switch.

Here's what I want to do and I'm hoping one of you electrical wizzards can help me out.

I want to add a switch that will allow me to override the LH fan and turn it on whenever I want (FAN1). Additionally, I'd like the same switch to kick on the 2nd (RH) fan (FAN2) when necessary leaving the LH fan running. Default or off switch position would return everything to it's standard set-up (FAN1 comes on based on temp). Can this even be done with a single mechanical switch?

This STSP DTDP stuff is as confusing as Hardley Davidson bike names.

Wiring diagram shows brown (ground) and yellow-blue (12V) running to the fan motor. Temp switch in on the ground.

Any help would be appreciated.
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