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Day 5 in BZN Flaathead Pass Ride

Today we would rest up, take it easy and do a little visiting with some of Skip's friends he went to school with. We took the advice of some local inmate suggestions and found a RAM mount at Wholesale Sports.

Looks like the JB Weld will hold least now I'll have a backup.

Map and pix next.........

Here's the loop we did on our "day off" ride. We went counter clockwise out of Bozeman. It was about 77 miles total. We had mentioned our little ride to one of Skip's friends Carol who told us it was a pretty rough area. We thought aww, how rough can it be and set out on our big heavy bikes...

First part was a nice twisty bit up Bridger Canyon, David in the lead.

David and Skip on their big 1200's...........wait for me on my wee little F8.

The start of the "dirt" and it looks pretty tame so far.

Now we're looking down the hill here and wondering what the path looks like as we drop
into that little valley over there on the left. That's where we're heading.

We start down and David there is asking us if these big bikes are made for this. We tell
him oh of course they are....He only has 3500 miles on his GS so far and hasn't done much
off road yet.

I say just follow me (I left out the part about "follow me on my light little F800" on your
slightly overweight 1200) down this little grade here.

See, your'e doing great. Isn't this fun!

We stopped short of full commitment and all walked down about a mile to see if we
thought this was do-able for everyone. We decided to jump in and that going down would
be much better than turning around now. So far so good.

Ok, that was a little "sporty" but wow we made it. Let's take a breather and pat ourselves
on the backs. It will probably get easier from here on out...right!

Ok, well maybe there is this one area here that is a bit challenging, but then it will
get easier...right!

Ok, ok, hauling these big bikes down here is some work. Let's take another quick breather.
Kind of a trick keeping them slowed while pointing down such steep loose terrain.
Fun though, who would have thought the same bikes you rode across the country with can
come and play here also.

Good news David, it's flattening out. We must be about out of the tricky stuff.

Ya know how when you come across a big puddle sometimes, and you can't see the bottom,
and you wonder what the bottom is like, and you want to watch someone else go through first
so you can see if they sink to the airbox or keep going?

Ya know...I went through first on my little F800, David and Skip were behind me too far to watch exactly,
but I stopped on the other side and figured they would see my tracks on the left side of the puddle
and see I came out safe and sound...

Sometimes the line up the middle works great, sometimes not so much...David started
straight up the middle and got on top of a slimey (look it up it's a word) bit of dirt and
drifted off the little hump and into the deeper part and got stuck. Yuk, your boots are
getting all wet boys.

Here we go, flat, smooth and dry. Easy peasy now.

There we are, home and with only some dirt to show for it...

Hey, wait a minute. What's that?

...and that?

I had heard a rumor there was a recall on the F800 chain just before we left on this trip.
Hmm, maybe I should have jumped on it. I guess something along our little ride today
took it's toll on my chain.

Oh well, all the shops are closed so let's have a beer and figure it out tomorrow.

Goodnight Day 5
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