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Day 6 Beartooth Pass...

Day 6 Beartooth and more.
The Maps...

We had ambitious riding plans for today. Our goal was to get to Steamboat and visit
with Tellydoug and Whitewater18 whom we had met at the RMAR.
But first I had a chain issue to fix...quick.

Last night I had called my local dealer, Ironhorse in Tucson (they rock by the way) and
got the info I needed to search for a chain. I had made a call at a shop (Bike Shack)
last night with a message of my plight. Nathan there called me back (early) this morning with
good news that he had a chain.

Skip and David had already headed out hoping the rumors were true about Nathan
being an early riser at the Bike Shack and he comes in early. As I was talking to Nathan
on the phone the boys walked into his shop. Nice timing.

I didn't have a chain tool either and Nathan "rented" us his. Thank you so much.
Skip and David got a chain and grabbed the Motion Pro chain tool from Nathan and came home.

In short order we had the chain on and would stop at the Bike Shack to give Nathan back
his chain tool.

Dirty bike, new chain. We're all set.

Goodbye Nonnie and David. Thank you for having us. Hey David, you have riding gear on.
Are you going on a ride today too? What's that, you say Nonnie needs some alone time to
finish writing her novel and you want to go with us up Beartooth. Great idea.

No joke though, Nonnie has just finished a book and she has many stories published about their
sailing adventures around the world. Looks like there are ways to explore the world other than on
a motorbike.

We got packed and were on the road by around 10AM. Not too bad for starting out
the morning still in search of a chain.

Here we are at Nathan's returning the tool and getting back our "rental" deposit.
Thanks again so much Nathan. It is great peace of mind knowing we didn't Micky Mouse
the rivets on this chain for the next 1500 miles.

Bike Shack Bozeman MT

Headin' East

Let's ride

Let's eat! Red Lodge

Let's ride some more...

David enjoying the road

We waved goodbye to David at the junction of 212 and 296. David went into the park,
exited out at Gardiner and headed for home in Bozeman. We continued toward Cody.

A bridge we stopped at along the way to Cody.

That's a long way down ain't it!

Don't let go of that railing.

Our bikes take a rest as we take a few pix.

Back on the road.

We stopped into Cody at an auto parts store, to get more pieces for my bike of
course. Just a headlamp bulb this time.
There was this deer who came by to see what we were doing. We tried to
shoe her away before she crossed the busy road.

I think she wanted to make fun of me and my parts collection along this trip.

Nothing to see here deer, move along now.

Back on the road

Me and my shadow...

Here we are chasing the sun as we arrive in Thermopolis

Goodnight Day 6
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