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I like that answer.
I sold my XR650L right away because it wasn't the bike for me and I think the same would happen with the KLR since I'm not looking for a cheap but the best motorcycle for me, that brought me to the R1200GS, admitting that it's not for everyone and it's expensive but for me worth the money spent, maybe it has to do with age? I was surprised to read how much older the average motorcycle rider is now (~43) compared to 10 years ago (~35) at least in Germany.
Dual Sports for me (42 years) means mainly a more relaxed seating position and nice low end torque vs. high rev. engine with a folded sportive seating position...

Originally Posted by Mr Head
I’d place the KLR higher up on the ladder for the best all around dual sport bike, over everything else out there.
Cheap, fairly simple, crappy suspension, brakes and comfort. But, they are cheap. Lots of aftermarket parts and glitter. Big tanks and the like.

My definition of dual sport any bike will need to travel on highways at highway speeds. The 400’s, 250’s and like are out of this group.

If I used my head instead of my heart, I’d probably get the Honda XR650L. If I used my heart, I’d get the Husky. I can add bigger tanks to either the Husky starts toward customizing from a little higher plane.
But, I still have to wear out my Adventure and I have no time to do that or ride any dirt for that matter. So, I’ll remain confused and ill-informed.
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