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Interesting. I use a modified DR400 a lot.Pretty good trail bike,actually. But NOT comfortable for trips. Had a 1200GS.It was astounding for what it would do on nasty back mtn & desert roads.It was only on asphalt to get to dirt. For what it was, it really worked well. Used it a lot for 2 up,on nasties even. Stability was incredible. BUT ,I've had 2 BMW's,15 or so jap bikes. The reliability of the beemers was HORRIBLE. Unbelievable. Hope you guys have better luck.I guess Germans don't like me. Pissed off a lot of the "blue & white" afficionados on here sqwaking about it.Just ordered a Yamaha Tenere & glad I did. Back to worry-free motorcycling. For everything axcept real trail riding & maybe deep sand & mud , that GS was fine--when it wasn't broken.
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