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Hey, I'm German but not at all offended. I'm often surprised how many GS you see out there especially up in northern BC, not many Japanese bikes up in Alaska. I'm thankful for everyone buying BMW's made in Berlin, there are many alternatives...somehow the incredible sales success must be rooted in something and to me that's mainly a clear differentation in product and image, I love the BMW brand. I'm sure you're right about reliability and so on.

Originally Posted by Big Mistake onWheels
Interesting. I use a modified DR400 a lot.Pretty good trail bike,actually. But NOT comfortable for trips. Had a 1200GS.It was astounding for what it would do on nasty back mtn & desert roads.It was only on asphalt to get to dirt. For what it was, it really worked well. Used it a lot for 2 up,on nasties even. Stability was incredible. BUT ,I've had 2 BMW's,15 or so jap bikes. The reliability of the beemers was HORRIBLE. Unbelievable. Hope you guys have better luck.I guess Germans don't like me. Pissed off a lot of the "blue & white" afficionados on here sqwaking about it.Just ordered a Yamaha Tenere & glad I did. Back to worry-free motorcycling. For everything axcept real trail riding & maybe deep sand & mud , that GS was fine--when it wasn't broken.
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