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Originally Posted by tallguy-09
Hey, I'm German but not at all offended. I'm often surprised how many GS you see out there especially up in northern BC, not many Japanese bikes up in Alaska. I'm thankful for everyone buying BMW's made in Berlin, there are many alternatives...somehow the incredible sales success must be rooted in something and to me that's mainly a clear differentation in product and image, I love the BMW brand. I'm sure you're right about reliability and so on.
Hay Tallguy, my ancestors were Germans too. But they left almost 3 centuries ago. I was looking at a 2011 GSA. It was anything but simple. Hi tech stickin out everywhere. My experience with BMW just wouldn't let me trust it.And imagine dropping a $22,000 machine HARD on rocks. So I ordered the recently available Tenere(I've been lusting after a jap equivalent to the GS for years). To each his own. Are the Suzuki DRs & Kaw KLRs the SAME bike now? I heard they are. My DR400 has had a very rough life.It has never been broken(cracked case once, my fault---it got me home). These jap bikes are bulletproof .Mine have been anyway & were much abused on both road & dirt.
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