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This thread needs more photos...

...and here they are!

I managed to pop in and see my bike at GMX before catching my flight to the USA yesterday...

Dave has done a great job on the centre tank (can you spot it?!), and is working on the two water tanks (1.5l each side) for the bash-plate... they'll be done for when I get back at the end of this month.

I decided to remove the rear Safari tank for a number of reasons - one it got misshapen in the heat, and was a pig to reattach as the mounting holes didn't line up... and also, it was a lump behind the seat I didn't need (although in honesty it wasn't hard to get on and off the bike, and it didn't weigh that much).

However, by removing the rear tank, it means the back of the bike is exactly like the stock enduro now - slim and lightweight (so no extra stress on the lightweight subframe), and easy/quick to flip up should I need access to the rear shock and carb for example.

The void between the twin front tanks was ideal for my 3 litre water and tyre levers/zip-ties etc. in Tunisia... however, as you can see from the photo above, it has also proved large enough to take a 5 litre auxiliary/reserve tank instead (with the water and sundries to be relocated), so I still have the same fuel capacity as I did with the rear tank fitted - result!

GMX have done a fantastic job of making a tank that sits underneath the stock seat base, and the filler is the same as the side tanks (note Dave's attention to detail - the Acerbis logo on the filler is horizontal - he welded the neck to the tank making sure it was! - this is why I love these guys!)

The water tank 'cheeks' will fit either side of the Flatland Racing skid plate, and continue the profile of the tanks downwards...

And the bike is looking very slim and lightweight, with all the fluids 'mass centralised' between the axles, which is exactly what I wanted!

Finally, the bike will have a new front fender fitted - I'm going for one of the KTM Adventure style ones like I have on the Tenere (and that Meca'system use on their rally-bike conversions) as it offers better mud clearance and additional support to the rear of the fender.

I'm also planing a new paintjob/graphics, but that is partially dependent on getting a major sponsor...

Toot toot for now! - I'm off to ride an XT225 Serow around the streets of San Francisco!

Jenny xx
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